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AECS World started to be with a sole motto for providing a one-stop solution for all the aspirant students. At AECS World Our expert counselors provide support to the students with the first hand experiences and guide them in selecting the right career path. We provide excellent services to the students through our trained counselors with individual consideration.

Guidance through counseling for particular countries & their specialized courses which helps the students in choosing the right path as per the interest.

Advising about courses/degree selection.

Evaluating application and all educational documents and help in completing all the requirements.

Advising you about enrolment procedures, fee payment modes, scholarships, accommodation etc.

Guidance for English proficiency tests such as TOEFL/IELTS.

Assisting in processing application and filing for visa

Preparing the students for Visa Interview.

Providing options for travel arrangements and health insurance etc.

Counseling students regarding pre-departure and post arrival issues.

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Career Counseling

University Selection

Admission Guidance



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